Amy Vetter

Business gets crazy – we get wrapped up in sales and staffing, profits, customers.. AHHH! Amy Vetter puts the whole mess into perspective and reminds us that we need to live and not just exist to work. She balances our yin and yang and helps business leaders find harmony at work and in life. We all need a little zen in our lives, Amy will help!


Amy Vetter is an expert on authentic leadership and putting the soul back into business. She’s a transformational keynote and TEDx speaker and the creator of the B3 Method for developing work-life harmony. Amy is also an accomplished CPA and recognized as one of the Most Powerful Women in Accounting. She regularly contributes her business insights via Inc, Entrepreneur, Accounting Today and CPA Practice Advisor.

Amy’s a third-generation woman entrepreneur who has launched and sold multiple businesses including yoga studios, accounting practices, and other business ventures. Amy has also held corporate leadership roles at accounting tech companies overseeing customer, sales, education, and marketing functions.

Over the past 25-plus years, Amy has become a well-known advocate and evangelist for leadership, entrepreneurship, and the accounting profession. Through her expertise on these topics, Amy has inspired thousands of people at hundreds of events across the U.S. and globally as a keynote speaker on: authentic leadership, work-life balance, productivity, women’s leadership and empowerment, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation, and the future of accounting and financial advisory services. Amy created a methodology, backed by scientific research, on how to live a more authentic life and achieve work-life harmony based on her own career journey and those of other successful business leaders.

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Amy in Action

Disconnect to Connect: The Path to Work-Life Harmony
Business Balance & Bliss - Preview of Speaker Topics
  • "I can't thank you enough for helping the make the Kao NOW event a success! The presentation was excellent – informative, inspiring, and entertaining too."

    – Jouett Brenzel, Kao NOW (Network of Women)
  • "Amy Vetter is a gifted and truly motivational speaker. She is knowledgeable, entertaining, and knows how to keep the audience's attention by creating a space for self-reflection. Amy is a master at using storytelling to share her relevant personal experiences that I and our members find extraordinarily valuable and often life-changing."

    – Scott Zarret, President, CPA Academy

Amy's Topics

The Path to Creating Work-Life Harmony

Is it getting harder to find success in your business? Or has your work become mechanical or routine? Amy Vetter will show you how to put your soul back into business by rekindling or discovering the spark you desire for your career and life. Amy provides listeners with heartfelt insights and actionable tips, backed by scientific research, on how to discover and align their authentic selves and inner talents with the work they do. Attendees will come away with the tools and inspiration to: become the authentic and cherished business leaders they’re meant to be, create their own sense of work-life harmony, discover their inner talents and passions, and learn the tools to put in place to be more present and productive at work and home.

Becoming a Cherished Advisor: Utilizing AI to Create a Human Connection With Clients

Artificial intelligence, cloud technology and machine learning have changed the way our clients manage their business and personal lives. In the financial industry, we strive to improve our clients' lives with the numbers we provide them. Yet, many of us still spend the majority of our time processing data in the traditional sense, rather than helping our clients understand how the numbers impact their business or life at a holistic level. With artificial intelligence, cloud technology and machine learning, much of the tasks of the past that we are used to doing will be reduced. However, the human side of the experience can never be replaced by technology, only enhanced. In this session, attendees will gain an understanding of how technology will change the way they work with their clients, staff, and themselves. They will learn how to leverage technology's gift of more time to become "Cherished Advisors" – highly-valued strategic partners whom their clients rely on to successfully meet their financial goals in business and life.

The Power of Women’s Networks

Having a supportive network of women in your career can be one of the most important ingredients to your success. Like many young women, Amy believed that she would have the same opportunities as men in the workplace, but as she moved up the corporate ladder, she noticed more and more women were not alongside her. Amy shares research and lessons learned from her own experience, and that from women she admires, on how to grow and learn at any stage of your career to achieve your goals. No matter if you’re advanced in your career or just starting out, you will learn why it’s important for women to bring each other along on their professional journeys, and how to be more mindful in supporting and aligning with women who inspire you.