Adapt or Die – Analytics Critical to Business Momentum

Shama Hyder Keynote SpeakerShama Hyder’s second book, Momentum, is not available for a few months yet, but the publisher offered an early copy for a sneak peek.  Here’s a tidbit from chapter 2:

Hyder’s Momentum cuts right to the chase. Adapt or die.  Agility is the first principal of Momentum.  A plethora of analytic tools Continue reading “Adapt or Die – Analytics Critical to Business Momentum”

Fire walking, the ultimate leadership experience.

Ultimate Leadership Experience. Fire Walk with Carl Gould!
Ultimate Leadership Experience. Fire Walk with Carl Gould!

Do you have what it takes to be a leader? We’ve all heard the expression about leaders saying “they can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?” Carl Gould redefines just what “walking the walk” means with his fire walk experience. Carl dares audiences to “Break Through the Barriers”. As a keynote, Carl, guides attendees thought processes and teaches them how to break through fear, Continue reading “Fire walking, the ultimate leadership experience.”

The Rhythm of Success

When a business wants to leave a lasting impression on their audience and bring their Company’s vision to life, they call on keynote performer and thought leader, Freddie Ravel.  Freddie customizes his presentations and incorporates the Company’s own words using his methodology about music as the ultimate communication tool.  His inspirational and energizing presentation combines speaking with live piano performance, backed by a full orchestra projected on screen.

Ravel is an in-demand motivational speaker and performer whose Continue reading “The Rhythm of Success”

The Controversy of Taking Profit First

Mike MIchalowicz Keynote
Mike MIchalowicz Keynote

How can profitability be controversial?
Profit is good for business, right? It appears that business leaders agreed on that topic. However, when thought leader Mike Michalowicz delivered his keynote at the 2016 Annual Bowling Summit, his talk was described as “controversial”. The beauty of Mike Michalowicz’s keynote, and book of the same name, is its simplicity and applicability to so many small and mid-size businesses. Mike lays out a map of how Continue reading “The Controversy of Taking Profit First”

Go Leeward! Welcome Aboard.

Go leeward sailboatI’ve been asked, “Why Go Leeward?” many times. “Do you sail?”  No.  Not at all.  In fact I have only ever been on a sailboat once – but what a ride.  It was nearing sunset off the coast of Newport.  My husband and I, along with about 15 other guests were enjoying a sedate glide through the harbor area.  The water gently lapped at the hull and under motor power, we weaved in and out of the other boats, enjoying a balmy breeze and lovely afternoon.  Continue reading “Go Leeward! Welcome Aboard.”