Magic Formula for Business Success

Barry Moltz Keynote Speaker live GoLeewardSuccess isn’t magic – it is knowledge, people, systems and a lot of hard work.  But a little bit of magic never hurt.  Keynote Speaker, Author and Business Expert, Barry Moltz offers The Magic Formula For Small Business Success to put and keep small businesses on track with tried and true components that are required by every business for buildable and sustainable success.

With Barry’s 25 years in small business, he has finally quantified the “magic formula” to make more profit at any company. Business “gurus” make it seem so complicated, bit it is really simply:

P X P = P where People multiplied times Continue reading “Magic Formula for Business Success”

How to Get a Standing Ovation for $5

Mike Michalowicz explains human behavior in business.  One way to move a crowd is by performing the behavior that you them what to do.  At a baseball stadium, it takes one tenacious sole to stand up and get a few of his friends to go along.  A few people notice and get up with them – simply because they are watching someone else do it…and so on.  Pretty soon the entire stadium is standing up and sitting down and up and down.  A wave of thousands goes around the and around.  They stand, not because Continue reading “How to Get a Standing Ovation for $5”