Business Success in Rural America

Sabrina-Starling keynote speaker author GoLeewardOne size does not fit all businesses.  Different markets lend to different growth strategies.  Rural businesses differ in customer purchasing styles, employee issues and growth challenges as compared with “the big city”.  Industry conferences generally offer a plethora of strategies and tactics to trigger growth, but many of these strategies don’t apply to the unique situations encountered in rural America. They are geared toward more populated, metro areas.  “For instance in rural areas, it is more effective to talk to your neighbor down the street than to do a Facebook blast.” Says Dr. Sabrina Starling, President of Tap the Potential. Communities are tighter, smaller and less concerned by being driven by big city ideas.

Starling also discovered the unique issue that owners of rural businesses often told her that they didn’t want to grow.  Finding good employees was such a challenge that it was easier to inhibit company growth than to try to keep up with it.  She found that employee headaches keep many business owners awake at night, and employee problems really are the biggest sole-sucking, profit sucker in their small businesses.

However, these unique settings can still support highly profitable companies.  And help is available.  Some state governments offer grants specifically geared toward rural business training and development, as do some universities.  Finding help can be as simple as asking the local Chamber of Commerce where to go to find funding.

Tap the Potential, founded and run by Starling, supports rural areas with coaching.

Dr. Sabrina Starling, believes in creating highly profitable Great Places to Work! With her doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. and her career long studies of workplace morale and employee motivation, and through business owner interviews, she was able to articulate the formula for workplace success in her book: How to Hire the Best; The Rural Business Owner’s Ultimate Guide to Attracting Top Performing Employees.  “The solution”, says Starling “is straight forward.  Making the business healthy drives the owner to succeed.  A successful owner drives employees to succeed.  Happy employees make customers happy…which loops back to a healthy business.”  With help from Tap the Potential, rural businesses can make this happen. Dr. Starling works closely with industry leaders to bring Tap the Potential clients cutting edge business practices that work in rural areas.

Tap the Potential is available to companies across the US to support their rural businesses.  Find more information about coaching and keynotes by Dr. Starling, visit

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