EO Western New York Hosts Two Top Business Authors

Mike Michalowicz Carl Gould GoLeewardEO Western New York Chapter offers its members learning from exceptional speakers.  The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is a Global business network of 11,000+ leading entrepreneurs in 157 chapters and 48 countries.  EO enables business owners to learn from each other, leading to greater business success and an enriched personal life.

The Entrepreneur Organization chapters educate, transform, inspire and offer invaluable resources in the form of global events, leadership-development programs and executive education opportunities, among other offerings designed for personal and professional growth.

EO Western New York offers exceptional speakers to enhance learning with top business minds at the meetings.  They recently hosted Carl Gould, author, business coach, keynote speaker and radio host to share his business insight.  Carl has helped thousands and thousands of business owners on six continents, in over 35 countries, to realize their dream of successful business ownership. Every successful business goes through ‘7 Stages’. These ‘7 Stages’ are simple and easy…if you are committed to achieving more.  Carl also offers expertise in growing the sales funnel as detailed in his latest, best-selling, book Biz Dev Done Right. 

In May, EO Western New York hosts a keynote with Mike Michalowicz.  This author, keynote speaker and TV host, will guide the thinking of these CEOs out of the box with Profit First.  They will discover that GAAP accounting, while an “accepted accounting practice” goes against human nature and impedes their ability to make their business profitable.  Michalowicz is the author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, The Pumpkin Plan, Profit First, and soon-to-be-released Surge.

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), hails to be the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs. Members of EO must be the owner, founder or majority stakeholder of a business earning a minimum of US$1 million in the most recent fiscal year. Venture-backed companies must have either privately-raised funds of at least US$2 million or publically-raised funds of US$5 million, and a minimum of 10 employee. To learn more or apply for membership, visit: https://www.eonetwork.org/about/discover-eo/

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