How to Get a Standing Ovation for $5

Mike Michalowicz explains human behavior in business.  One way to move a crowd is by performing the behavior that you them what to do.  At a baseball stadium, it takes one tenacious sole to stand up and get a few of his friends to go along.  A few people notice and get up with them – simply because they are watching someone else do it…and so on.  Pretty soon the entire stadium is standing up and sitting down and up and down.  A wave of thousands goes around the and around.  They stand, not because of the spontaneously shared idea, but because they watched someone else do and felt compelled to follow suit.

Theaters and TV studios take this to the next level. They sometimes employ actors to stand and applaud at a specified moment.  A few bucks to a few well placed actors will create a standing ovation.  Was it a good show the spectators wonder – it must have been, people are leaping to their feet and cheering.  Wow – it was a great show!

Mike Michalowicz, Keynote Edutainer, brought a 1,000 people to their feet after his keynote in Florida this past week – not because of paid actors in the audience- but because he taught business owners how to use human behavior to drive actions – to drive sales.

For example, why are there perpetually shortages on  Buyers see that there are “only 2 left at this price” in red letters and click the “buy” button.  Scarcity drives behavior explains Mike.  If there is a chance an item will no longer be available, the purchaser will be spurred into action.  Suddenly they absolutely MUST have this item that they were only mildly interested in moments ago.  It’s human nature.

Small business owners, laughed, learned and loved it. Learn more about Mike and having him speak at your next event.

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