Inspiring Audiences with Learning for Tomorrow’s Business

Inspiring Audiences with Learning for Tomorrow’s Business

“Design education is not just for the impact on accountants, but also for the impact on the accountants’ clients.” says Joe Woodard, the Host of Scaling New Heights, who has years of experience and tremendous knowledge about the overarching strategy of planning and successfully running large scale conferences.  Joe says his production team keeps the audience at the center of everything they do, especially the education they offer.

“Content is paramount,” says, Joe Woodard, “and conferences would do well to offer a unique, educational value proposition each year.”   Housed within compelling and innovative themes like “The Epic Practice,” “Face the Yeti,” and 2018’s theme, “Tame the Machines,” Joe and his team have offered a focal point for the education of the Scaling New Heights conferences and provide attendees with specific goals to accomplish when they return to their businesses. With the right planning – and a lot of intentionality, inspirational keynotes and breakout training can harmonize together into a single educational story arc.  And, you don’t need to do this across all tracks. One or two tracks can follow the  primary topic, but it is best to continue offering a variety of learning to provide a well-rounded education and value.  And for their organization, beyond the live event, attendees who are members of Woodard Network and Woodard Institute enjoy an on-line environment to share ideas, exchange technical information, share tips and tricks, …and more.

When designing targeted learning for audiences, it is important to:

  • Offer the future and what your attendees need to know to grow. Attendees expect to discover the cutting edge of an industry when they attend events.  Deliver material that they will be able to apply tomorrow.
  • Understand the depth and scope of their prior learnings. Offer material that will not overlap standard industry and common training.
  • Know the expertise level(s) of your attendees. Understanding the demographics of your attendees will allow you to plan tracks are targeted to different experience levels.
  • Consider different styles of learning. Some attendees prefer lecture/keynote presentations, while others will prefer highly interactive workshops.
  • Assure consistency throughout the look and feel of the event sessions.
  • Ultimately, promote an agenda that will leave attendees inspired, educated and feeling fulfilled for having attended your event.

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