Pitching the Media for Free Event Promotion

Pitching the Media for Free Event Promotion

Riding in an elevator is simple enough: you walk in, you press a button, you get to your floor, you leave. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s a lot less time consuming than taking the stairs. Imagine if getting the media to promote your event was as easy as taking an elevator. The brilliant mind of Alicia Couri says it is, and it can be done for free.

Couri describes the media elevator pitch as one where you begin by creating a speech, you hit the main points like the buttons on an elevator, and you describe the benefits of attending the event. The response is the top of the elevator. But your speech is only as good as how you present yourself.

Couri speaks in private and corporate arenas on the importance of confidence, but more specifically, the “3 P’s” (posture, positioning, presentation) that will expedite the process of creating a strong, unique, personal brand. Your personal brand should be one that caters to your ideal consumer; though, your pitch is one that takes into account the potential for an eclectic mix of an audience. You want to be practical in who you are speaking to, but specific enough that you are capturing the ears of the right clients. Accomplish this by beginning your pitch 8 weeks in advance of the target media release date, and researching the demographics of the probable listeners.

Now, getting to how you can promote your event without breaking the bank. One point that was stressed by Alicia is that events are all about eventually making a profit, but no one likes a pushy entrepreneur. You want to be a speaker who caters to the problem of the people without seeming like you are selling too much.  The media will run your story promoting your event if the story will offer valuable content to that media’s own target audience. You can get the word out by creating a three minute talk in the form of a video or a social media campaign. The example that Couri used would be for new business owners. You come up with your elevator pitch, something simple, something useful, such as designing an event with consultants and products that will support a new business startup. Think about using simple steps to help the target consumer to reach a goal. When you present to the media, make the tips strong, easy enough points that cater to a specific but wide audience – such as the small business owner.  In addition you give the media’s audience something in exchange. Couri uses the example of giving those who are watching or listening the opportunity to get money off of the event or service.

Value to the audience is the quintessential point to creating a successful event, and landing yourself free promotion. Sell yourself through the way that you carry yourself, and your brand and successful event will follow.

Alicia is the Red Carpet CEO,www.aliciacouri.com offering Posture, Presentation and Positioning “3 Ps to profitability and branding.”  Contact her at: Alicia@aliciacouri.com