Raising Standards Across the Event Industry

Raising Standards Across the Event Industry

Being an event planner within itself is a competitive business. Event planning is about standing out and creating a memorable event. Liz King is the producer of an event that focuses on teaching event planners about technology to give coordinators that extra edge. But she herself is an event planner, which may seem counterintuitive – she’s giving a leg up to her own competition. By informing the other event planners about how to properly and effectively use technology, Liz King is raising the standards of the industry as a whole.


King states…“Raising the standards across the industry is to everyone’s benefit.  Clients expectations are raised to the level of service we provide.  We offer more, so we want to clients to understand what excellence is.”


Liz’s dedication to event planning is evidenced by her event called techsytalk LIVE 10. techsytalk is an event that has gathered some of the most prestigious event planners to participate in the one-of-a-kind event. Sharing the stage with engaging keynote speakers at techsytalk, are event technologies.  Per King, “Ten years ago when we started techsytalk, no one understood technology for event planning. Now it is the standard.”


One hot tech, an event sponsor, is Bizzabo, one of the fastest growing event technology companies. Bizzabo states, “We are on a mission to bring people together and to make events more rewarding for everyone involved.”  By integrating Bizzabo in the equation, King is giving planners the opportunity to see how events are not just about bringing together the attendees of an event. Creating a great event stems from great communication. Bizzabo shows that all of the parts that go into organizing a well-rounded event need to be interconnected, and how to do that.


Another hot event technology is Glisser, audience engagement and analytics platform for live events, which was created to analyze and visualize event return on investment. Glisser is a technology that specializes in helping planners minimize unnecessary cost. It was essentially shows the planner clearly what is working.


And the list goes on.  King is handing her competition ways to raise the bar by taking them new technologies— but she herself is raising the collective bar through this event. And that standard will only rise as planners are better informed.


Join techsytalk LIVE 10: The Grand Finale on April 20th, 2018

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