The Most Interesting Event in the World…

The Most Interesting Event in the World…

When companies with enormous budgets are told by conference centers “you can’t”  … you can’t paint the ceiling gold…you can’t move that wall…. Christina Rene, owner of Voila Event Solutions and co-founder of Space in the Raw says, “You CAN!”  Christina is the raw space expert.  Raw space is available rental space that is waiting for a long-term lease, but in the meantime can be the backdrop to the event of your wildest dreams!  But with raw space comes a big price tag, and the need for extensive experience with holding an event in a raw space venue.  Realtors are happy to sign over square footage, but it takes a seasoned raw space event planner to bring it to life.   Intricately detailed planning is required to pull off one of these one-of-a-kind events. Often realtors and clients don’t know what they don’t know…but Christina knows, prevents costly disasters and delivers fascinating and exquisite experiences.  For example:

A client asked the realtor how much electricity was available in the space.  The landlord replied “ample.”  Outlets sufficient for a few lights and a sound system were not prepared to handle ten hairdryers per circuit…. which is what was needed for a high-end fashion show.  Space in the Raw had it handled.

A landlord with a large space said there was enough square footage to fit 3000 people, no problem.  But there would have been a problem, because there weren’t enough egresses to let a crowd out in an emergency.  The space would only hold 500.  Christina knew and found them an appropriate space.

A Fortune Five Hundred considered a grand, empty townhouse for a largescale meeting and planned to have a band on the roof.  Captivating idea, but what about the residential sound ordinance that kicked in at ten PM?  Space in the Raw worked with the company to schedule timing that was compliant…and wouldn’t result in police mingling with guests and imposing fines.

Critical considerations include: liquor service, fire marshal, insurance, ordinances, # of people, zoning laws, permits, physical needs including space, electric, water and climate…and the list goes on.  This is why event planning services like Voila and Space in the Raw are critical.  They offer full-service planning & design, from concept to execution, and create an experience that will impress companies and delight their guests.

Christina revealed details about one of her favorite events.  Dos Equis hosted a very exclusive party for the guests of The Most Interesting Man in the World, transforming the JP Morgan Headquarters, by the New York Stock Exchange, into his “private home.”  The towering ceilings and pillars made an impressive venue and guests, who received private invitations reminiscent of “the Golden Ticket” in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, were greeted by living statuary.  Their very creative “keynote speaker” was The Most Interesting Man in the World, himself.  He simply wandered around his home and greeted guests assuring they were having a wonderful time.  Definitely a one-of-a-kind event experience where nothing but a raw space transformation would do.

More information about Voila Event Solutions and Space in the Raw can be found at and  and learn more about The Most Interesting Man in the World at Dos Equis!