Karl Gibbons

Karl Gibbons is all business. He's had great success and is happy to share his wealth of knowledge. Karl’s goal is to make others successful imparting others with the many lessons he has learned. Using themes and examples he delivers the secrets that The Beatles, Star Wars…and many others offer business owners.

Karl Gibbons is the President, Problem Solver & Rainmaker at Third Eye Management and is chairman of the Entrepreneur Society of America

A serial and award winning entrepreneur and creative and commercially adept individual with a wide range of business experience. Karl created four million dollar businesses by the age of 40 including: Tie Rack, Flash Trash, Theodore’s Bear Emporium and Classic Collections! Third Eye Management was founded in England in 1988 and has established a proven history of working with companies that require marketing development and communications to improve performance, productivity and profit. Karl is a world renowned motivational speaker and coach, he has documented and shared his principles and insights on management and leadership with thousands of people around the globe. If all that were not enough, he is also co-host of “QUIT & GET RICH WITH GIBBONS & GOULD” – on G Team Radio the premier internet B2B radio show for aspiring, emerging and experienced entrepreneurs, experts and executives and syndicated worldwide on iHeart Radio and iTunes.

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The Zebra Syndrome
  • "If you are a small business owner you should, no you must, get to know Karl because by doing so you will improve your bottom line and begin enjoying your business like never before. ‘Nuff said… you need to call Karl."

    – Eric Leaman, CCBW at Cheshire Cat Consulting.
  • "Karl Gibbons has a firm grasp of the infinite challenges businesses face and consistently provides actionable steps and unique ideas to move things forward. His out-of-the-box creative thinking is the magic element so many business owners miss on their own."

    – Hope Daley, Executive Producer/Owner, Guerilla Media LLC.

Karl's Topics


Leadership is a choice. It happens when someone steps up and causes a change to happen. It happens when someone en-rolls other people to help them make that change. Karl Gibbons will walk you through the steps to make the choice to lead. Attendees explore what the leadership choice is capable of accomplishing, what it means, and how to get there. The course is built around 12 surprising leadership principles that challenge conventional wisdom. Through a series of interactive exercises, Karl will introduce attendees to ideas that will help them lead people to a new galaxy of possibility.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Distinguish between leaders and managers.
  • Paint a picture of where they want their leadership journey to go, and motivate people to join you in their cause.
  • Lead even when they don’t have formal authority.

The Zebra Syndrome™

Is your business joust on of the herd? Zebras, after you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Is your business just one of the herd? Every day your clients and prospects see and ignore thousands of zebras – are they ignoring you? Discover how to cut your zebra from the herd and make your message memorable.

Quit and Get Rich

The best course of action for any entrepreneur in today's demanding and ever challenging business world is to learn how to quit fast. Yes that's right, quit and get rich! How does that work? Let’s take a look at some of the greatest quitters in business today: Bill Gates (Microsoft), Oprah Winfrey (HARPO) and Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway). “Are you mad?” You cry, “These are some of the most successful people in the history of business!” And you would be right. The reason they are so successful is that they are perfect examples of business quitters. Karl will explain...