Matt Shoup

Funny and approachable, Matt shares insight into business success and human behavior. Listening to Matt is like learning from a friend. He's the perfect addition to your educational business event.


After deciding that a career in big corporate wasn't right for him (he got fired), in 2007, Matt Shoup founded M & E Painting with the last $100 he had to his name. He set some big goals to grow a phenomenal brand, give back to the community and build a team that served the business. Matt succeeded. He discovered what it took to be an award winning business and to outperform the competition. Now Matt has been able to step outside his very successful business into a visionary role in order to share his replicable secrets to help you get powerful, free marketing and to learn to build a rockstar staff.

Matt is highly caffeinated, full of energy, and straight to the point with his messages of encouragement, inspiration and real world practical insight and application for your business. He understands the science behind a successful staff and offers analysis for you to get the most out of your team.

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Matt in Action

We Painted the Right Color on the Wrong House
  • "Matt presented his workshop to our leadership team and we were all impressed, inspired and well taught on how to use effective tools to recognize and leverage our teams' unique styles and grow our company."

    – Brian Hepp, President of Blackfox LLC
  • "Matt's workshop is absolutely phenomenal! It gave our team such valuable insights and tools into our behavior, interactions and leadership style."

    – Trevin Bensko-Wecks. Lamar Advertising

Matt’s Topics

Fluency in the Language of Human Behavior

Do you have amazing people in your organization, yet there is a frustrating feeling they don't quite "fit" their job description? OR Do some of your team members take to their positions like ducks to water and you ask, "how can we replicate that with everyone?" At its core, a company is of a group of humans uniting to serve and accomplish a common vision. As an entrepreneur, your goal is to serve, lead and assist people to become as effective as possible by leveraging their unique talents and abilities. Seems easy, right? Humans are diverse and interesting creatures, each speaking their own unique language in terms of their observable and non-observable behavior. Social scientists and mathematicians have been able to break down human behavior into numerical data which is surprisingly accurate. This data can be attained by taking two very non-invasive surveys, each taking only 5 minutes yielding insightful data, results and the participant's unique language of behavior.

Human capital is one of the most expensive things companies invest in. Recruiting, hiring, and retaining the right people is essential for any company to thrive. Matt's workshops involve heavy audience participation and engagement.

Participant need to take two 5 minute surveys, and bring their results to the workshop.

Build an Award Winning Company

Are you tired of wasting and spending money on marketing for your business that does not work? If you could discover and apply a simple, fast and certain system to start winning business awards today, what would this do for your company? What would it mean if you could win and leverage these awards to attain all of your business goals?

Look no further than the book "Become an Award Winning Company". Matt Shoup published this book in 2011 after spending years in the trenches of business and marketing doing it all the wrong way. Matt stumbled upon the awards world in 2009, and then quickly elevated his company and personal brand to rockstar status by creating a simple and easy system to win business awards.

Matt’s Book