Noah Fleming

Noah Fleming wrote the book on customer success, literally. He know how to get them, keep them and make them happy. If you need customers…you need to listen to Noah.


Noah Fleming is the person you talk to when you want to discover the goldmine of profits hiding inside of your business, and then add them straight to your bottom line. Noah is the trusted source for coaching and consulting to thousands of business owners, executives, and individuals who want to grow their businesses dramatically, leveraging the hidden assets they already have in place.

He has been routinely quoted and mentioned on major media outlets like the New York Times, Forbes, and Reuters. He's also an expert blogger for Fast Company Magazine, and a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail's Report on Business Section. Speaking engagements include SXSW, Hubspot's Inbound conference, and numerous schools and Universities as well as a TEDx talk that has been viewed by thousands of people.

He is currently one of only 40 people in the world who are globally recognized and accredited by hall-of-fame consultant Dr. Alan Weiss as a Master Mentor to other consultants.

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Noah in Action

How To Manage Customer Expectations
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  • "For business leaders interested in growing customer retention (and who's not?), Noah (Fleming)'s your guy to tap! I recommend him without reservation!"

    – Lawrence E. Wilson,
    Executive Director of Economic and Leadership Development, Rhode Island College for the Chief Executives Club
  • "Noah (Fleming) was responsive and excellent to work with. It was obvious during his Keynote address that he had taken the time to learn what BC Notaries do and to look at many of our members' websites and their material. Noah delivered!"

    – G. W. Wayne Braid,
    CEO, BC Notaries

Noah’s Topics

Noah Fleming is available to deliver memorable keynotes, courses, workshops, teleseminars & webinars, on a variety of topics, including customer retention, customer experience and profitability.

Customer Retention, Experience & Strategy

Noah delivers a funny, highly pragmatic and detailed playbook on customer retention, customer experience, and customer strategy. He suggests organizations are "addicted to sex" – the thrill of the chase of gaining new customers – as opposed to "looking for love" – finding worthwhile customer relationships that will last for years and years. In addition, many companies fail to analyze the profitability of their existing customers or the potential profitability of different types of new ones. As a result, companies lurch from one customer base to the next—losing some of their most valuable customers, as well as, gaining others many of whom turn out to be duds.

Noah’s Book