Andrew Mellen

Andrew Mellen’s presentations are as clean and crisp as his tactics, to organize your business, life and home! I cannot recall any other speaker who has ever given me tools to use across the full spectrum of my life. Ninety minutes of Andrew’s humorous and well organized and executed presentation has helped me clean up my office desk, computer desktop…and garage! Fabulous!


For over 12 years now Andrew Mellen, “The Most Organized Man in America” has been speaking, training and entertaining audiences from corporate CEOs, bankers and attorneys to teachers, parents and artists.

As a speaker Andrew creates an engaging atmosphere to bring a variety of organizational-related topics to life, including: organization, time management, project management, sustainability, simplicity and the intersection of spirituality and simplifying.

Andrew’s unique style skillfully blends the best discoveries in scientific research with stories of everyday life, delivered in easy-to-understand language.

Whether your group requires a keynote address, break-out session or a stand-alone event—Andrew will design a program to captivate and exceed your audience’s needs and expectations.

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Andrew in Action

Andrew Mellen: The Inside Edge
Andrew Mellen X NBC Daytime: Crafty Home Makeover
  • "(Andrew Mellen) had the most amazing impact on our PricewaterhouseCoopers team, giving them such valuable real-life time management tools, expertly guiding them from ‘busy’ to ‘effective’. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help!"

    – Jenifer Madson CEO Impact First
  • "(Andrew Mellen’s) Time Management training is loaded with practical and useful tips on keeping organized, decluttering and prioritizing. Andrew is a very charismatic, gifted speaker."

    – Orit Shani NYC Economic Development Corporation

Andrew's Topics


Andrew gets it. You’re busy. There’s too much to do and not enough time. Busy isn’t your problem. How, where and when you spend your time is. Learn simple, sustainable tools. Develop new, workable systems. Change your relationship with time. For good.

  • How to focus on what’s important instead of what’s urgent.
  • The six major time thieves that are derailing your success.
  • How to minimize interruptions and avoid distractions.
  • The 8 most common interruptions and how to stay focused.
  • The causes of procrastination and how to out-smart them.
  • How to finally beat multi-tasking at its own game.


Blaming stuff for clutter is like blaming food for being overweight. Change your relationship with stuff and set yourself free. Frequently called "the most organized man in America," sought-after organizer and trainer Andrew Mellen has created unique, lasting techniques for streamlined living, bringing order out of chaos for the chronically overwhelmed everywhere. Acknowledging that it's often the "stuff behind the stuff" that holds people back, Mellen offers a surprisingly simple, yet effective solution in his step-by-step guide, guaranteed to help achieve organizational bliss for everyone from perpetual key-misplacers to hard-core hoarders.

  • Never lose your keys, wallet or cell phone again
  • Stop mail, magazine, and paper pileups for good
  • Feel empowered to tackle bills and budgets
  • Reclaim space and time once dominated by clutter
With humor, honesty, tough love, and foolproof advice, Mellen makes it easy to finally let go and embrace the decluttered life.

Andrew's Book