Darren Virassammy

Engaged employees love what they do, why they do it, and who they do it for. They are our most positive, productive, and profitable employees. Unfortunately, only 30% of our workforce shows up that way. The other 70% drain our time, money, and energy – but what if you could transform them into model employees? Learn how to culturally revolutionize your organization by shifting to a strengths-based approach to human development. Engage your people and impact your bottom line.

Darren Virassammy

Darren Virassammy is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of 34 Strong, a new breed of consultancy that gives a voice to disengaged employees by helping organizations like yours become great places to work. A leading expert in the global Employee Engagement community, Darren leverages the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment to create massive shifts within organizations, both culturally and on the bottom line.

60 years of Gallup research proves that Strengths-Based Development measurably increases Employee Engagement, which in turn affects every Key Performance Indicator you care about: profit, productivity, turnover, absenteeism, safety incidents, and customer metrics to name a few. Therefore, Employee Engagement is the most powerful lever you can pull to ensure your organization thrives and not merely survives.

Does your organization beat the 30% Engagement average? Do you want it to? Darren will show you how in an in-depth, hands-on presentation designed to teach you the foundational tools to boost your profit without a single additional hire. Perfect for keynotes, leadership retreats, management training, or teambuilding exercises – Darren Virassammy is your man.

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Darren in Action

StrengthsFinder Keynote Highlight
Creating Excellence Through Strengths at ProfitCON
  • "We have seen DDI transform and improve as a result of understanding ourselves and understanding and appreciating each other through Strengths. The Leadership team training was a great opportunity for us to REALLY know our management team and understand how to lead from strengths, develop our staff"

  • "Very few times in your life do you meet people who inspire so much greatness in others. Darren is one of those people."


Darren's Topics

Leadership, Culture, Talent Identification and Growth

Leadership through developing strength in others

Leaders need to create outcomes that matter. Learn the keys and drivers to Employee Engagement as a driver for productivity, profitability, retention and growth and the keys to creating and maintaining a foundation for Employee Engagement.

Creating a Strengths based culture

Half to full day, requires pre-work.

The Strengths Based Leadership Approach

Build a culture based on strengths. Build intentional teams that are effective. Employees who are happy at work are also happier at home and contribute more to their communities. This interactive presentation illustrates the differences in people and how there are many was to be effective. Attendees experience first-hand the effectiveness of emphasizing strengths instead of becoming mired in fixing weaknesses. Create ongoing culture that supports productivity and inclusion.

The Strengths Based Leadership Approach Workshop:

Half to full day, requires pre-work.

Workshop will lay down many concepts, but will be highly interactive for participants individually and collectively. Participants will have the opportunity to do individual exercises and some group exercises that will create opportunities for a deeper understanding of talent. Participants that have taken the StrengthsFinder will have an excellent foundation for taking their Results knowledge forward

  • Why Strengths Based Leadership?
    1. Creating Outcomes that Matter
  • Strengths Thinking – Talent measurement and Leadership Self Awareness
  • Strengths Doing – creating strengths-based partnerships and teams