Dawn Brolin

There is no better way to sum up Dawn than with the words of Tory Johnson of Good Morning America: "Every audience braces for boredom when they know an accountant is about to take the stage. Yet, if it's Dawn Brolin, within 30 seconds they're howling with laughter and sitting up straighter in their seats. She commands attention and delivers valuable information through her unique approach to humorous storytelling with just the right dose of seriousness. To a person, everyone wishes their accountant was just like Dawn: whip smart, direct and on the money."


Dawn Brolin is a people-loving Certified Public Accountant and Managing Member of Powerful Accounting, LLC – a nationally recognized accounting, tax and consulting firm. You won't find the stereotypical, boring accounting process with her! Dawn makes your business a fine-tuned, money-making machine with a spring in her step and smile on her face.

Armed with numerous professional certifications, including Certified Fraud Examiner License, Dawn specializes in entity structures, IRS representation, forensic accounting, and bankruptcy accounting and reporting.

With more than sixteen years in the field, Dawn has in-depth accounting expertise, coupled with a personal understanding of the challenges of running a business. Through her experiences as a business owner, she has discovered the importance of the relationship between good accounting records, good business processes, and running a successful business. Because of this, Dawn worked with prestigious companies such as Intuit, TSheets, Fundera, Skyline Cloud Services, SmartVault, and many more.

Named one of the "Top 40 Under 40" by CPA Technology Magazine as well as "Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Accounting" (2012-2017) six years running, Dawn has been published in books such as The World's Most Inspiring Accountants.

Known for her entertaining and fun presentation style, Dawn has been featured on the MSNBC show Your Business, and has spoken at national conferences including Intuit QuickBooks Connect Conference, Cleveland Ohio Society of CPA's, Live Your Legacy, Scaling New Heights, Spark & Hustle and Tory Johnson, TD Bank North, and many others. She finds that when speaking in front of accountants, business owners, managers, and other professionals, her ability to entertain and educate makes topics interesting, whether it's about accounting, growing your business, or a simple success story.

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Dawn in action

Sizzle Reel
The Designated Motivator
  • "If you're lucky enough to get her to come to your event, I promise that you and all of your attendees will be 100% glad that you did. Dawn Brolin over delivers every time."

    – Aurea McGarry, Emmy Winning TV Show Host
  • "Dawn Brolin is more than an effective communicator, she is a translator of possibility and potential."

    – Brad D. Smith, Chairman and CEO of Intuit

Dawn's Topics

Build Your Business From Your Critical Core

This presentation goes through critical purpose of having and developing a system of core values. These values will dictate the entire success or failure of your business. By defining this Critical Core will help you define what your company represents, supports, and believes for incoming staff, clients, and colleagues. Once we defined our set of true core values, our company has become more efficient, effective, and successful both in our service delivery and our revenue generation.

Become a Mobile Monster

In today's society, you MUST be willing to adopt mobile applications as an entrepreneur. To keep up with the changes, this presentation will help you become more aware of how to resolve daily challenges with the use of a mobile solution.

The Secret to Moving from a Solopreneur to Entrepreneur

This presentation focuses on the processes that a sole owner will go through and be required to do in order to be successful as a growing company who will begin hiring. Discussions including what do to before you hire, once you've hired, and on how quickly you set that new staff up for success. The investment into a new employee is huge – this presentation will help you define those steps that you may be missing

Dawn's Book