John K. Bates

Communication is key and John Bates understands how to enhance sales, leadership and teamwork. NASA, IBM, and Johnson & Johnson call on John again and again to strengthen their teams. And John has an amazing personal story that lets you know anything is possible.


John Bates is the founder and chief executive officer at Executive Speaking Success and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, developing the curriculum of the programs and leading the executive speaking staff.

He is internationally regarded as a top communications trainer and keynote speaker, as well as a savvy entrepreneur. Bates has been actively coaching since 2005, working with CEOs and the executive teams of PlaySpan, Prescience Intl., Motorola, Goldstar, Oculus International, LAZ Parking, Johnson & Johnson Innovation Labs, Janssen Labs, DudaMobile and many others on their presentation, media and business skills.

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  • "John Bates is one of the most intelligent and enthusiastic professional development coaches that I have ever met."

    – Elizabeth Barry, Brand Strategist, Marketing Consultant, Women in Business Marketing Expert
  • "We have asked John (Bates) to speak a number of times to our Alliance CEOs because his message resonates with our CEOs and his experience is exceptionally valuable and relevant."

    – Paul Witkay Founder & CEO, Alliance of Chief Executives

John’s Topics

Speak Like a Leader

Executive Speaking Success Leadership & Communication Training
Learn presentation skills and influence techniques based on human evolutionary biology and human neurophysiology. Participants leave with a powerful vision of themselves that increases confidence and delivers action. John Bates is the man that top TEDx organizers from around the world call in for their events. He has trained 100's of TEDx speakers and is considered one of the best communication trainers working today. If you want your presentations TED-worthy, you'll get there. John's keynotes offer the most effective, fun and motivating communications training you can receive.
(Keynote or workshop formats available.)

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