John K Coyle

Okay, getting to hold John’s Olympic medal is really cool, but even cooler is learning how he got there and became a champion. But it gets better, John is a business champion too and teaches everything he learned to accelerate your company’s innovation to a new level.

John is one of the world's leading experts in Design Thinking as well as an Olympic silver medalist, Stanford school grad, Kellogg MBA, NBC Sports analyst, and Professor of Innovation. As a speaker and author, his talent is weaving facts, examples and intellectual principles into engaging stories which bring his topics to life, and leave you with actionable ideas.

The best way to unlock human potential and drive growth is to design lives, careers, and teams maximizing strengths rather than fixing weaknesses. The best way to innovate your life and business so you can take on greater challenges and grow is to increase personal resilience.

When you design your life around your strengths and cultivate your resilience, you can master "chronoception:" expanding time by creating more meaningful experiences and intense memories.

In his presentations, John shares real-life stories from his experiences of finding his own strengths and resilience as an Olympian, innovator and father. His metaphors and practical guidelines empower his audience to take extraordinary action to innovate their lives and careers to achieve breakthrough performance and create meaning in the process.

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John in Action

How to design moments that help you live (almost) forever
John K. Coyle Short Speakers Reel
  • "John's ability to grip an audience, to craft a business story on very human terms, to tie it back to the success of his team's efforts is one of the best I have ever seen."

    – David Rosen, TIBCO
  • "Simply put, John is a compelling, engaging speaker. Time and time again, I've witnessed him captivate audiences with his dynamic storytelling. The way in which he blends his diverse and impressive experiences and insights pulls in even the most challenging of audiences. His message is clear and powerful, leaving participants inspired and connected. John's unique and highly effective formula makes him a surefire hit."

    – Nicole Lorey, Chief Communications Officer and Vice President, Transamerica Brokerage Group

John's Topics

Strengths 2.0: How to Apply Design Thinking to Individual (and Team) Strengths and Weaknesses

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Stop it: innovate instead. This two part workshop will help your team:

  • Learn how to identify, understand, and accept unique strengths (and how they relate to weaknesses) in order to decide what to focus on, and what to delegate, team up on, or outsource
  • Understand how to use principles from "design thinking" to deliberately design lives, careers, and teams maximizing native strengths in order to achieve breakthrough performance.
  • By designing around individual weaknesses, create higher engagement and greater collaboration with your teams, and colleagues by leveraging the diverse strengths of the team.

Time 2.0 Counterclockwise - How to Unwind Cognitive Time and Live Forever

Summary: Why is time accelerating? Why did summers as children seem so much longer than a summer as an adult? Is there any way to design our lives to slow, stop and reverse the acceleration of time? John explores the cognitive biases and errors that govern "experiential time" and explores ways to slow the ticking of the clock in service of the most precious commodity we have: time.

John's Book