Mike Michalowicz

When the audience sits back down and stops clapping and laughing, they realize that they have taken a page full of notes with actionable items they can apply to their businesses to grow, strengthen and make them profitable…starting the next day. Mike is the "Edutainer"!

Mike Michalowicz

By his 35th birthday Mike Michalowicz had founded and sold two multi-million dollar companies. Confident that he had the formula to success, he became an angel investor… and proceeded to lose his entire fortune. Then he started all over again, driven to find better ways to grow healthy, strong companies. Among other innovative strategies, Mike created the "Profit First Formula", a way for businesses to ensure profitability from their very next deposit forward. He is now running his third million dollar venture.

Mike has been a contributing columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Accounting Today, and American Express's "Open Forum" series. Mike is the business makeover segment host for MSNBCs Your Business, was a recurring entrepreneurship expert for CNBC's The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and has appeared on the CES Roadshow series as well as on NBC, Fox News, ABC News Now, CNBC's On the Money, Pat Croce's Down To Business, and Stossel.

Mike is a popular keynote speaker across the globe on innovative entrepreneurial topics. He is the author of Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, which BusinessWeek deemed "the entrepreneur’s cult classic."

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Mike in Action

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  • "Hard-hitting advice aimed directly at the entrepreneur who is stuck being a wandering generality instead of a meaningful specific. Plenty of seeds worth planting."

    – Seth Godin, Author of Purple Cow
  • "I asked myself, 'Michael E. Gerber, how come YOU didn’t think of that?' Just remarkable!"

    – Michael E Gerber, Author of the E-Myth

Mike’s Topics

Mike offers keynotes, breakouts and workshops on many entrepreneurial topics. Some of his most popular are listed below. Mike is also a popular event emcee and product spokesperson for radio and television.

Profit First

Sales – Profit = Expenses
You are about to discover the profoundly simple yet shockingly effective accounting plug-in that will transform your business from a cash eating monster into a money making machine. In Profit First, Mike Michalowicz, author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur and The Pumpkin Plan explains why the GAAP accounting method is contrary to human nature, trapping entrepreneurs in the panic-driven cycle of operating check-to-check and reveals why this new method is the easiest and smartest way to ensure your business becomes wildly (and permanently) profitable from your very next deposit forward. Insightful and impactful, audiences walk away with actionable skills to start improving their business the next day.

The Pumpkin Plan

There is a big lesson to be learned from colossal pumpkin farmers. They hold the secret to explosive growth, and Mike will show you how it applies directly to your business. It's your turn to grow an award winning, explosive company! The pumpkin plan formula teaches step by step how to build a company that is the best in its field:

  • Plant the right seeds – Focus attention, money and time productively
  • Weed out the losers – Figure out which customers are the most valuable and ditch the worst of the worst.
  • Nurture the winners – Blow the minds of your best customers

Different is Better

How to make your business the niche leader, instantly.

Learn strategies of engaging and converting prospects, in real time, using behavioral strategies. Most businesses strive to be better than their competition– that’s why they struggle to stand out. By leveraging established behavioral marketing techniques, you will discover the shockingly simple ways to stand out from your competition, attract new customers and prospects and immediately become your industry's authority.

  • You will master immediate rapport building techniques that will quickly establish "know, like and trust" the foundation to engaging a client
  • You will discover the critical and necessary method of "breaking out of the generic label box" that softly but directly pushes customers to do business with you know
  • You'll learn why limiting your offering skyrockets demand