Ramon Ray

Five minutes after I met Ramon Ray, I started implementing his nuggets of wisdom. He has the unique ability to speak with the professional charm it takes to interview the President (he had a chat with President Obama) and yet the youthful exuberance that connects him with Millennials. He’s brilliant, connected, a social media marketing expert and an astute businessman…who is fun to watch on stage and to learn from.


Ramon is Editor & Founder of Smart Hustle Magazine, his third book is Amazon.com best seller “Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing”. He loves Aunt Jemima syrup, burnt pancakes, bacon and eggs. He is also a four-time entrepreneur, best-selling author, global speaker and producer.

Ramon has been invited as an expert witness to Congress, invited by the Office of the President of the United States to speak at the White House and produced many events including the "Smart Hustle Small Business Conference", "Small Business Summit", "Small Business Technology Tour", "Small Biz Big Things" and more.

He's interviewed President Obama in the President's first live Google Hangout and interviewed many of the sharks on Shark Tank. Although Ramon has interviewed and shared the stage with many celebrity entrepreneurs, his passion and biggest professional accomplishment is interviewing "main street" small business owners and entrepreneurs and sharing their stories.

Ramon is not just an ivory tower geek, but as a former technology consultant, he has hands-on experience in a variety of technologies including social media, mobile computing, computer networks, online software and more. His expertise is technology, marketing, sales, business startup and his favorite is personal branding.

Over his extensive career, Ramon has written thousands of articles, spoken to thousands of business owners and impacted hundreds of thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs to help their businesses thrive.

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Ramon in Action

Ramon Ray Speaker Reel
Ramon Ray Stage Presentation SBF 2017
  • "One word to express how I felt about your presentation as SMB Nation, “Amazing.” Great work, Ramon! Thank you!!"

    – Luis Pavon, IT Specialist
  • "While I was trying to build an altruistic selling environment Ramon was living one. His passion for helping small businesses is second to none and he ALWAYS sees his strategies through the lens of the customer."

    – Bill Hoffman, CEO at iTether
  • "When the great Seth Godin said, on Nov 2013 to a large assembled audience of small business owners in NYC "When I'm out of town, Ramon Ray is my second" he nailed it."

    – Eric Keosky-Smith, Entrepreneur

Ramon's Topics

Tech Tools and Insights To Build A Better Business

Technology is one of the most empowering ways that small businesses can GROW their businesses. There are a few core fundamentals that every business owner needs to implement in order to leverage technology as an asset to grow their business. In this presentation, Ramon outlines 11 of the CORE fundaments that every business owner needs to understand and properly implement technology in your business.

Personal Branding. Go From Invisible To Rock Star Status.

Ramon shares how and why it's important to build YOUR personal brand and be a CELEBRITY in your market! Ramon Ray will show, from his personal experience, the 5 steps necessary to build your personal brand and ensure that YOU (not your logo or your business cards) are on people’s minds when they think of the product or service you sell. A solid personal brand makes you the ONLY choice and will crush your competition! Ramon will share HIS personal journey in building his brand resulting in book deals, speaking engagements and MORE SALES!

FREE Publicity. Get The Media To Tell Your Story.

Getting the media to cover your business is not hard. But it does take time and a strategic plan of action (and some luck). Ramon has earned lots of media coverage and he’ll show you how he’s done it. Ramon will show you his proven method for having journalists, producers, and others in the media listen to you and report about you (or your company, product, service, etc).