Dr. Sabrina Starling

Running a successful business starts and ends with its people. Dr. Sabrina Starling found that many business owners were intentionally limiting the growth potential of their businesses because of their problems finding good staff. It is hard enough to find people in the big cities – but smaller towns and rural America, it is even harder. Dr. Sabrina has solutions for rural business owners. If your business is not located in "Metropolis", Dr. Sabrina Starling can help you!

Dr. Sabrina Starling

Dr. Sabrina Starling, The Business Psychologist™, knows that just working harder and harder is not the answer! The sweat and tears that got you to your current level of success is not sustainable for growing a business. Many business owners find themselves working round the clock in a successful business that feels like a "ball and chain" or a prison you can't escape from…not even for a few days to take a vacation.

Dr. Sabrina Starling will teach you the skills you need to move your business from a business with just a few employees to a highly profitable great place to work! Her doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of Texas as well as her studies of workplace morale, employee motivation and Psychologically Healthy Workplaces provide the foundation for you to create a great workplace in your business.

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Dr. Sabrina in Action

Sizzle Reel
  • "I received a bunch of emails thanking me for having Dr. Sabrina as a guest speaker. When my network wins, so do I! I intend to have her back as a speaker again and again!"

    – Kim Ades, MBA, President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and JournalEngine™ Software
  • "Business is booming and we are more profitable. Our profit has increased from $53,000 to $185,000, so we've more than tripled our profit in just a year's time. I have people who want to work for me and who want to help me do my job. People come to work with smiles on their faces! Better yet, this is a place where I want to come to work."

    – Chuck Parmely, Owner of The Overhead Door Co of Riverton-Lander

Dr. Sabrina's Topics

Hire the Best

Quickly Double Your Profit with Top Performing Employees

  • Small business owners are hanging on to marginal, underperforming employees.
  • Finding top-performers feels nearly impossible.
  • This is costing small business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.
  • The consequences are devastating.

Dr. Starling walks business owners step-by-step through the MOST effective, remarkably simple and inexpensive strategies to attract the best and brightest employees to their business.

Regardless of whether this is your first hire, or your twentieth, you will come away with proven strategies for finding and keeping top-performing employees who become "Profit Centers" for your business (yes – you CAN do this!).

Discover Your Business 'Sweet Spot': The Missing Link to True Profit & Freedom

Do you try to guess what your customers want? Many business owners do this. It's time to stop. Most of the time we are wrong about what our customers want. This guessing game is costly! Think about all the wasted time and energy when you guess wrong. Think about all the wasted advertising dollars you have spent when you guessed wrong.

There is an easier, better way. Yet, one small business owner after another overlooks this strategy.

When you master this strategy, you will no longer be competing on price. Even if your customers can get what you offer cheaper somewhere else, they will do business with you instead. This strategy results in loyal, well-paying customers, who come back to you time and again.

  • The 3 critical elements that, when aligned, create a clear and simple path to a fulfilling, sustainable business
  • How to attract loyal, well-paying customers (without having to compete on price!
  • How to scale and grow your business while making it actually LESS dependent on you personally!
  • How to flourish without having to take on complaining, life sucking, high-maintenance customers

The Secret Profit Formula for Small Business Owners

Do you find yourself working harder and harder, year after year in your business, only to get your taxes done and learn you're barely breaking even? It's frustrating, demoralizing and discouraging. Many small business owners end up blaming themselves. Is there something you are doing wrong? If you are barely breaking even in your business, or worse, losing money and continually operating in the red, rest assured you are not alone. In fact, the majority of small businesses in the United States barely break even.

Why is it so hard to be profitable in small business? Theoretically, all you need to do to be profitable is to make more than you spend. But, it rarely works this way. Why? The reason lies in our human nature. Dr. Sabrina Starling teaches small business owners a simple system to achieve maximum profitability.

Finally…understand why it is so hard to be profitable as a small business owner (it's really not your fault!)

  • Discover your true profit potential based on your business' current revenue
  • Learn the exact system Dr. Starling uses to take her clients from barely breaking doubling or tripling their profits in just 12 months
  • PLUS…Dr. Starling will reveal the #1 Hidden Profit Sucker in small businesses and discuss cutting edge strategies to eliminate this problem.

Bankers, accountants and financial advisors working with small business owners also will benefit from this workshop.

Dr. Sabrina’s Book