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Even before its release, anticipation for "The Bezos Letters" by Steve Anderson rocketed his book to the top of best seller charts. Those companies lucky enough to book one of Steve's limited engagements will learn the 14 Growth Principles that Jeff Bezos used to make Amazon a massive success and how to apply them to their own businesses.


Amazon is the fastest company ever to reach $100 billion in sales and they didn't reach that landmark by staying in their comfort zone. Risk taking is the key that unlocked the door to growth at Amazon, but those risks were (and are) intentional, calculated, and strategic.

For the first time, Technology and Risk expert Steve Anderson has analyzed and distilled the letters of Amazon's founder, Jeff Bezos, to reveal his 14 Growth Principles that unlock the lessons, mindset, and steps Bezos has used to make Amazon the massive success it is today.

Now, business owners, leaders, CEOs, employees, and managers can apply these same principles to grow their businesses to be more efficient, productive, and successful – fast!

From business management systems to social media, Steve analyzes what's happening now and explains its implications for the future. He was invited to be one of the original 150 "thought leaders/influencers" on LinkedIn and has over 300,000 followers.

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  • "Whether you are a multibillion-dollar tech giant or a small, family-run company, in today's business landscape, staying where you are is falling behind. With The Bezos Letters, Steve Anderson offers his own special brand of insight into how Amazon has kept moving forward to become one of the defining business success stories in modern history."

    – Amy Zupon, CEO Vertafore
  • "Much of what Steve Anderson has uncovered about Jeff Bezos and Amazon reminds me of the legacy of Walt Disney…make your vision happen and happen faster and easier when using the principles Steve has laid out in the Bezos Letters."

    – Lee Cockerell, Former Executive VP of Operations Walt Disney World Resort

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