Violet Rainwater

Violet Rainwater is a workplace futurist who helps organizations rise above the noise. Whether you are struggling to figure out why sales are stagnant or teams are disengaged, Violet provides the tools and resources to thrive in the new economy.

  • Violet Rainwater is on a mission to educate and equip owners and operators, sales professionals and entrepreneurs on the future of business.
  • A business futurist with a vision of what businesses need to do now to build engaged multigeneration teams and the sales systems to be successful tomorrow.
  • She rejects the current rhetoric of treating younger generations like a mystery to be solved.
  • Sales strategist with a proprietary sales model, Connection-Based Selling™
  • Founder of the One Year Later™ an innovative and science backed framework proven to increase sales and productivity
  • Violet “Makes It Rain”
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Violet in Action

Organization of Tomorrow
Salesmanship of Tomorrow
  • "I hired Violet to speak at two of my companies, and she was phenomenal! She has a way of connecting to the audience and really driving positive results. I have recommended her to many of my associates and would hire her again."

    – Cynthia Matalucci, Founder, The Pulse
  • "She completely reframed our sales process…Violet showed us the massive opportunity we had to turn those leads into members, just by elevating each team member's mindset. I'm elated to report that sales have increased by 40% in one of our locations the third month of training! Violet is The Rainmaker!"

    – Felena Hanson, Founder, Hera Hub

Violet's Topics

Organization of Tomorrow: Engaging and Motivating Talent in Today’s Ever-Changing Workplace

Change is inevitable in today's workplace. In order to thrive, your team needs innovative tools and easy to implement business practices that will transform them from surviving to thriving.

Based on Violet Rainwater’s proprietary framework, One Year Later™, this presentation offers her latest insights into how to drive team engagement, morale, and wellness in today’s ever-evolving workplace. A blend of psychology, Neuroscience, and laugh-out-loud fun, your team will walk away with valuable tools that promote well-being, increase efficiency, and drive team connection and engagement. Your attendees will:

  • Learn how early mental programming can get them stuck in fight, flight, or freeze – especially during change.
  • Understand what individual triggers keep them stuck and prevent them from operating at their peak level.
  • Obtain a toolbox that will enable harmony, efficiency, and team connection.

Salesmanship of Tomorrow: A New Way of Being in Sales

In this thought-provoking presentation, Violet Rainwater offers a fresh approach to sales and salesmanship while equipping your team with the tools and resources they need to thrive in the new economy. Debunking old sales rhetoric. Violet will inspire your team to come together more intimately with all prospects and clients using her proprietary framework, Connection-Based Selling™.

You and your team will walk away with:

  • A radical new perspective on sales and salesmanship.
  • An innovative toolbox with tools to promote well being, ease and efficiency while driving results and profitability.
  • renewed passion for the sales process that excites and motivates you and your sales team.