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Breaking the Barriers of Small Business Growth

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Global business consultant, Carl Gould, is a keynote speaker and workshop leader.  He gives entrepreneurs, small business and mid-size business owners the skills they need to succeed. Read about our discussion below or watch the full video interview.

Carl Gould is a worldwide leading authority on Business and Entrepreneurship. He is a global business coach, popular keynote speaker, and best-selling author.  He created one of the farthest-reaching mentoring businesses around the world. His company, Seven Stage Advisors, helps organizations grow to the next level. Since 2012, he and his company have trained and certified or accredited over 7000 business coaches and mentors. His methodologies and practices have been shared to many by personally working with businesses in 35 countries. 
Carl is also a visiting lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Rutgers Business School, and the Wits Business School in Johannesburg. He has written multiple books, including Blueprint for Success that he co-authored with Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard. His bestselling book, Seven Stages of Business Success, lays out the formula for hypergrowth. In 2016, his book Biz Dev Done Right became an instant #1 bestseller on Amazon.
Like many entrepreneurs, Carl got started in business by accident. He was studying accounting and finance in college but had to leave school in his second year when he got injured. When he couldn’t afford to go back, he decided to venture into the business world and built a landscaping firm.  He ran that successful business for 7 years. Later in his career, he also built a construction, general contracting, and real estate development company.
In the early 90’s, Carl fell in love with coaching and training and got every certification one can imagine. When he started coaching, there weren’t any systems and methodologies in place. Equipped with a strong desire to make coaching his full-time business, he started to document all the things that he thought he needed to do to start a business. He didn’t realize it, but he was actually writing a methodology and preparing for the business he currently has. Today he speaks to help businesses avoid the hard knocks and shorten the learning curve on how to be successful.
Carl’s career has been spent understanding, studying business patterns and trends, and what makes success everywhere. He’s supported traditional small to midsize businesses as well as non-traditional business organizations like the Olympics, US Army, TV franchises, and more.  
Carl shares his expertise both one on one and to business audiences as a keynote speaker from the stage.  He aims to engage as many of his audience members’ senses as possible.  Audiences are encouraged to get out of their seats, yell, and participate.  Carl even offers leadership training in the form of board breaking, glass walking, and fire walking.  Two of Carl’s favorite topics have been updated over the years to stay current and relevant.  Business climate changes can change rapidly and so methods and techniques need to be adjusted.  Carl is always studying and researching to bring audiences the latest information so they can elevate their businesses to the next levels of success.  The first topic Carl ever presented, ‘How to Become a Master of Rapport and Influence’  holds a special place in his heart. Audiences love it is still an in-demand topic for leaders and sales teams.  The second topic is the ‘Five Ways to Generate Revenue in Your Business in the Next 90 Days’ is his most popular topic with entrepreneurial groups looking to boost their sales.
Getting Personal with Carl Gould:
LI: Do you have a favorite word?
CARL: Inevitable. What do you have to do to make your results inevitable? I like it as a standard. 
LI: Is there a particular sound that you enjoy?
CARL: The sound of the wind is probably number one. The sound of the ocean waves is probably two.
LI: If you could be anyone or anything for a day, who would you want to be or what would you want to be?
CARL: The only continent I haven’t experienced on this earth is Antarctica, so a penguin would be nice. I’d want to be an astronaut for the day because I’d love to see what our planet looks like from space.
LI: In exactly one year on this day, where are you going to be, what are you going to be doing?
CARL: One year today, I will be in a foreign country. In exploring another part of the world that I have not been to. There’s a few on the list that my family and I have decided we wanted to do for a while now, but we haven’t been able to do it yet so likely somewhere in the Middle East or in the Caribbean, in the Mediterranean.