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Featured speakers

Mike Michalowicz

Entrepreneurial Skills Simplified
Simple strategies to achieve your entrepreneurial dream and attain successful entrepreneurship.

Precious WIlliams

Killer Pitch Master
Pitches for profit and converting conversation into currency

Jesse Cole

Stop Standing Still. Start Standing Out.
Be creative, make mistakes, and do it differently. Challenges - So what! Now what?


Jeff Hoffman

Go Big. Be Unreasonable
Serial entrepreneur and self-made billionaire. "Going Public" season 1 mentor.

Andre Norman

Felon to Harvard Fellow
Unlock your potential with felon turned Harvard Fellow. Find service, community and strength.

Carl Gould

Breaking the Barriers of Small Business Growth
Hyper-grow your business with ingenious tactical business development, leadership and sales skills.

Dion Flynn

Improv for Business
Learn improv for business, sales and recovery. Learn the power of "yes, and..."

Donna Serdula

LinkedIn for Business Growth
Take your virtual networking and marketing to the next level. LinkedIn is where business gets done.

Jeffrey Shaw

The Self Employed Life
Have it all. Self-employed business owners gain control of their businesses and manage their lives.

Freddie Ravel

Creating Harmony in Business
Get your business in tune. Visionary, thought leader and keynote maestro harmonizes your team.

Fergus Connolly

Performance Under Pressure
Revolutionize your team’s performance. Learn the secrets to be at your high-performing best.

Ramon Ray

Inspiration and Information for Business
Hustle and have fun! Create the business recipe to build your brand and nurture loyal customers.

Dean McFlicker

Hollywood Marketing Secrets Revealed
Transform your brand. Create stand-out marketing, branding and positioning strategy.

Cindy Ashton

Beat the Odds. Gain Personal Power.
Liberate your voice. Stories and songs to transform adversity into opportunity.


How to Have a Winning Event

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Creating an amazing event doesn’t necessarily mean hiring the most expensive speaker, or someone “famous”. 

Memorable events have the RIGHT speakers – the ones that engage the audience and motivate or inspire them by taking them on a journey or leaving them with something that will enhance their businesses or lives.  The best speakers put the audience first.

When I founded Go Leeward speaker management, I decided that I would only work with delightful people – speakers who put the client at the forefront with the focus on making their experience and your event the best they can be. They listen and research and prepare so that they position their material so the specific audience can engage with the message.