Connecting you directly with extraordinary speakers for a first-rate, hassle-free event experience.

Engage a world class speaker for your next event who wants to connect with you directly, understand your business and objectives, and exceed your expectations.  After years arranging events as a human resources professional, I now support logistics for select speakers to provide a hassle-free experience so that they can focus on you and making your next event wildly successful.

– Li Hayes, Founder of Go Leeward
  • On Mike Michalowicz:

    "Hard-hitting advice aimed directly at the entrepreneur who is stuck being a wandering generality instead of a meaningful specific. Plenty of seeds worth planting."

    – Seth Godin, Author of Purple Cow
  • On Steve Anderson:

    "Much of what Steve Anderson has uncovered about Jeff Bezos and Amazon reminds me of the legacy of Walt Disney…make your vision happen and happen faster and easier when using the principles Steve has laid out in the Bezos Letters."

    – Lee Cockerell, Former Executive VP of Operations Walt Disney World Resort
  • On Cindy Ashton:

    "If you are interested in learning about how to blow away an audience, how to rock it on stage, and how to take ownership of your message…I strongly encourage you to reach out to Cindy Ashton!"

    – Marc Gordon, Author and Speaker
  • On Dr. Sabrina Starling:

    "Dr. Sabrina is essentially the most profitable employee my business has, yet she is not on the payroll. She facilitates me to have insights about my business and myself that no one else can. She opens my eyes to my weaknesses and my strengths and you need to see both to be successful."

    – Jeff McMenam, Co-owner of Teton Therapy PC
  • On Dawn Brolin:

    "Dawn Brolin is more than an effective communicator, she is a translator of possibility and potential."

    – Brad D. Smith, Chairman and CEO, Intuit
  • On Donna Serdula:

    "Donna gave a LinkedIn makeover presentation to a group of executives in the Kettering Executive Network. What a fabulous presentation!"

    – Fredrick (Fred) Choi, MBA, IMAT Team Leader at FEMA
  • On Jeffrey Shaw:

    "As a marketing manager for some of the world's most innovative companies, I have found Jeffrey Shaw's Creative Warriors Podcast to be filled with valuable insights."

    – J. Sherman
  • On Freddie Ravel:

    "He dazzled us, enhancing our life skills…we are grateful for his exceptional legacy."

    – Nasa
  • On John K. Bates:

    "John K. Bates is one of the most intelligent and enthusiastic professional development coaches that I have ever met."

    – Elizabeth Barry, Brand Strategist Marketing Consultant Women in Business Marketing Expert
  • On Susan Frew:

    "Susan is one of our favorite speakers. She is informative, fun and high energy. She customizes the presentation to her audience and loves to share the stories and lessons she has learned…"

    – Cindy Sheridan, COO PHCC Educational Foundation
  • On Carl Gould:

    "This is a powerful process that reinvigorated the direction of my company. It brought focus to my objectives and clarity to what I need to do to be successful."

    – Douglas Duncan, President, Your HR Solutions